Financially Independent, Live Anywhere? How to Choose (Parts 1 and 2)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Choosing a place to call home once you’ve reached financial independence can be an overwhelming task, given just how large the problem space is. As Eric nears his FI number he asks Jason for help and advice on how to narrow the range of options of where to live. Jason shares how he and Lorri approached where to live in “retirement” before taking the plunge to move their family. Irrespective of your own retirement path, the “Where to Live” process they used can be applied universally to making decisions about relocating to a new area.

Show Notes

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Do your future plans include relocation in the US? We found a great web-based tool called Mapping FI that we think you’ll find useful. While not as flexible as the approach used in the video, this tool is great for narrowing your search by cost, climate, and demographics.

For a closer look at Jason + Lorri’s and Eric + Laura’s “Where to Live” sheets, please see the images below.

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