Retiring Early Made This Possible

What essential lessons did Jason learn from the most impactful travel he’s done to date? In this episode, Eric and Jason catch up on a number of recent changes in their lives. Topics discussed include Eric and Laura’s recent big announcement, Jason’s Camino experience, the benefits and challenges of pre- and post-FI travel, and much more.

Be sure to check out the show notes below the video!

Show Notes

Essential Background:

Interested in learning more about Jason’s Camino de Santiago experience? You’ll want to see all of Jason’s blog posts leading up to and written during his recent walk on the Camino Portugués. There you’ll find information on his preparation as well as day by day accounts of his route, photos he took of the journey, as well as all his thoughts on the important lessons he took home from the Camino.

  • We talk a lot about travel given how important a part it plays in our retirement planning and we have two episodes wholly focused on the topic. “How We Travel: Pre + Post Financial Independence” is the first of these, and concerns just how different pre- and post-FI travel can be. More recently, we dug into the financial side of travel in “Did We Budget Enough for Travel in Early Retirement?“. Here we talked about the myriad financial elements of travel, disagreeing with your spouse, the value of planning by age range, and much more.
  • Did you see our episode where Laura talked with Eric about her plans to give notice to retire from her career in science? If you didn’t, “One Step Closer to FI/RE – Preparing to Give Notice” is a must-watch. A natural pairing to this is the earlier episode, Financially Independent, Recreationally Employed (FIRE). Here, Eric shares his thoughts on how he’s thinking about his business these days and what that might mean for the RE part of his FIRE plans.
  • Did you know we’ve had both our spouses on the show before? We’ve got a two part series from our conversation with Lorri and Laura, covering a wide range of topics. In part 1, we talk about getting onboard with FIRE, financial topics including budgeting and setting the FI number, as well as the emotional aspects of choosing the FIRE path. In part 2, we discuss how each couple shares financial responsibilities, the importance of finding friend networks, talking to our children about FIRE, and our hopes for their post-FI lives.
  • In this show we ended with some discussion of our kids’ college plans. We have two episodes wholly dedicated to our children, covering a broad range of subject areas – financial and otherwise. Be sure to check out both episodes – Teaching Our Teens About FI and Money (Part 1) and Financial Lessons We’re Passing On (Part 2).

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