Audio podcasts are a tremendous resource for so many disciplines and interests, and personal finance and the quest for financial independence is among these. While we wholeheartedly recommend many books in this area, we actually consume far more podcasts these days. The field is broad and it can be difficult to know where to get started. The list below is a selection of some of our favorites.

Essential: Our Top Picks

The Money Guy Show (Brian Preston and Bo Hanson) – You’ve heard us reference this show multiple times in Two Sides of FI episodes. Brian and Bo are fee-only financial advisors who provide great information and tons of free resources via their channel and website. They’ve certainly got a deep catalog of content after fifteen years of producing their top ranking financial podcast! Highly recommended.

ChooseFI (Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa) – Those who have spent any time looking through FIRE resources online have likely come across this hugely popular podcast. Brad and Jonathan cover a broad range of FIRE topics that are applicable no matter where you are in your own journey. They frequently have guests with expertise in specific topics that are highly applicable to the quest for financial independence.

Bigger Pockets Money (Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench) – Advertised as a show “for those who have money…or want more of it”, this podcast features interviews with a variety of financial thought leaders about how to earn more, keep more, spend smarter, and grow wealth. While the content covered is broad in nature, those interested in real estate as an investment will find lots of good information here and on their online community.

White Coat Investor (Jim Dahle) – Popular blogger and practicing emergency physician Dr. Dahle focuses his content on doctors and other high-income professionals seeking to improve their personal finance knowledge. As he correctly puts it, “a high income does not automatically equal wealth”. To ensure that your income goes to work for you as best it can, be sure to check out The White Coat Investor show.

Earn & Invest (Doc G) – As he tells it, Doc G discovered the personal finance community through Jim Dahle’s book “The White Coat Investor”. This led him to largely leave clinical practice in order to focus on his podcast and the pursuit of great conversations about finance and life. Earn & Invest puts out two shows a week, including individual interviews and panel discussions, so there’s lots of great content to enjoy.

Smart Passive Income (Pat Flynn) – Our Two Sides of FI episodes focused on passive income are among our most popular for good reason. If this is your area of interest, look no further than SPI. Since 2008, Pat has been supporting his family through a variety of online businesses. This show is a great resource for sharing countless lessons learned from him and his many guests, that can surely aid anyone on their FI journey using passive income generation.

Modern Finance (Kevin Rose) – If you’re interested in more speculative investing and topics like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and decentralized finance, you’ve come to the right place. Kevin has a long tenure in internet media, perhaps most famously for his past with Digg and the associated Diggnation podcast. We wouldn’t say that Modern Finance is your starting point to get on the FI path but there’s a lot of great information of the current state of investment opportunities here to take in.

Millionaires Unveiled (Clark Sheffield and Jace Mattinson) – This podcast features interviews with everyday millionaires. Those who don’t know the FIRE community well may believe that only highly paid executives and those coming from wealthy families can follow this path. This podcast seeks to overturn that notion, and highlights the stories of people who have taken many different approaches to achieve financial independence.