One More Year: My Decision to Postpone Early Retirement

Imagine changing your mind about retiring early just as the finish line comes into view? What factors might cause you to consider working one more year? In this episode, Eric talks with Jason about the idea to delay his retirement. They discuss why he’s considering it, finding alignment with his spouse, how others reacted to the idea, and much more.

Show Notes

Essential Background:

  • If you’re not familiar with Eric’s 30×40 Design Workshop business and his FI journey, you’ll want to see our two-part series: Passive Income = A Path to Financial Independence (Part 1) and Lessons Learned in 7 Years Earning Passive Income – A Path to FI (Part 2). Those links are to the show notes pages, which link both the episodes themselves and a host of related content that you’ll want to check out – particularly Part 2. In that post he shares tons of information on his various passive income streams
  • This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about the concept of “One More Year”? Given last year’s market volatility, a viewer asked Jason if he would feel more secure had he worked another year or two before retiring early. We talked about his thoughts on that in an episode called Do I Wish I’d Worked One More Year?
  • Alignment with our spouses is a topic that’s come up multiple times on the show, including in this episode. Particularly for critical financial decisions, it’s essential to be on the same page. Many seem to agree that our two-part series where we discuss our FIRE paths with our spouses, Lorri and Laura, is must-see Two Sides of FI content. Check it out here: Part 1 and Part 2!
  • In this video we mentioned Jason’s recent conversation with Jordan, “Doc G” Grumet. Check out “Fulfillment Beyond FI: Life After Early Retirement with Jason” for the Earn and Invest podcast episode in question. But that actually wasn’t the first time we talked with Doc G. In fact, one of our most popular Two Sides of FI episodes of 2022 was our conversation with him titled “Will You Run Out of Money or Time? FI Advice From a Hospice Doctor“. In those show notes, you’ll also find a link to our earlier joint appearance on E&I as well as to Doc G’s impactful book.

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