My Next Phase of Early Retirement Won’t Include This…

Year two in early retirement was very different for Jason than year one. It’s common that the honeymoon stage of retirement is followed by disappointment and a search for meaning. In this episode, Jason and Eric discuss a recent project Jason abandoned and what stage of retirement they think he’s in. You’ll hear his approach to guarding his free time, what Eric fears most about retiring early, and more.

Show notes may be found below the video

Show Notes

Jason took his blog down, but an archive of all his posts is available for those interested. At the same page you’ll see an option to subscribe, which will ensure you are updated of any future writing or projects he takes on.

Essential Background:

Robert Atchley’s Six Phases of Retirement was an important element of our conversation in this episode. While not the original 1976 manuscript, the article linked here is a good summary of the concepts Atchley wrote about. If you are interested in the original text, “The Sociology of Retirement” is available from Amazon. On a related point, this blog post from Can I Retire Yet by Chris Mamula is a good deep dive into the six phases. It’s a worthwhile read.

You can find information on the tools we mention in each episode along with additional information in the Resources section of this site.

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