Will This Get Us Kicked Out of the FIRE Movement?

Would you spend $1000 on dinner for a special occasion – or more? Eric and Jason recently enjoyed a milestone birthday celebration with their spouses + friends at a world famous restaurant. The total cost may shock you. In this episode, they talk about the experience, spending decisions pre- vs, post-financial independence, and whether it was actually worth it.

Show notes may be found below the video

Show Notes

Essential Background:

Interested in learning more about The French Laundry? Their website is a great source for further details about the restaurant, their current menus, as well as Chef Thomas Keller. At the site you’ll also find links to his other restaurants; helpful if you’re based in places like New York, Las Vegas, or Florida!

The image below is a photo of the menu from our meal at the restaurant.

A photo of the menu from our French Laundry meal

Perhaps like us, you’ve enjoyed episodes of A Chef’s Tour, and may remember Anthony Bourdain once visited The French Laundry on that show for a very special dinner. While the menu served to him and the other chefs was even more expansive than the normal, it provides a ready example of the artistry of Chef Keller and his team at the restaurant.

For more on Chef Keller, we recommend checking out his MasterClass episodes. Far from highly technical haute cuisine guidance, these videos are simple to understand for cooks at any level, and provide excellent foundational instruction on kitchen technique.

Speaking of milestones, free resources like Empower (formerly Personal Capital) can make tracking FI milestones, a lot easier. We both use and really like this free tool for tracking investment accounts, understanding asset allocation + rebalancing opportunities, and monitoring net worth. Empower employs a simple account linking process to make it a more automated experience. Give it a try risk-free! (affiliate link; free program )

A note from Jason – Every episode of Two Sides of FI provides an opportunity for reflection, and this episode provokes a lot of emotions for me. On one hand, it feels really good to recall memories of a truly special and wonderful experience, sharing a key lifetime milestone with Eric, Lorri, Laura, and our friends. However, openly talking about spending a lot of money on something as luxurious as fine dining admittedly feels more than a little weird. I don’t think it’s unusual to feel emotions like guilt or embarrassment in this situation, is it? In any case, I truly enjoyed our conversation about this wonderful occasion we spent together, and I earnestly hope that you will too.

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