Financially Independent, Recreationally Employed (FIRE)

Have you truly retired if you continue to do any work for money? In this episode, Eric and Jason talk about their own FIRE goals and how they’ve changed over time. Topics discussed include their respective journeys, why Jason has a part-time job after retiring, the internet retirement police, and much more. Be sure to check out the show notes below.

Show Notes

  • Needless to say, as a FIRE-themed show we’ve talked a lot about our thoughts on early retirement. We won’t try to capture all that content here, but rather will highlight a handful of key episodes. Be sure to review the show notes for each as they’ll point you to additional relevant content!
    • Retired Early and Feeling Lost. What’s Next? – How does it feel when you haven’t yet found your purpose after retiring early? In this episode, Jason talks with Eric about his three year journey exploring his post-FIRE purpose. In this episode, they discuss the phases of retirement, seeking out meaningful projects, lessons learned along the way, and much more. 
    • Retiring Early – So Why Am I Worried? – For many, work provides a sense of purpose and identity, as well as validation, utility, not to mention financial security. What happens when that no longer exists? What takes its place? How does it impact your personal relationships and your personal sense of accomplishment? Much of the discussion about financial independence, retire early (FIRE) focuses on saving and investing, in this conversation we unpack what it means to leave work behind and fully embrace this life-changing transition.
    • One More Year: My Decision to Postpone Early Retirement – Imagine changing your mind about retiring early just as the finish line comes into view? What factors might cause you to consider working one more year? In this episode, Eric talks with Jason about the idea to delay his retirement. They discuss why he’s considering it, finding alignment with his spouse, how others reacted to the idea, and much more.
    • Retirement Is Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be – We all daydream about what retirement will be like, but will reality live up to expectations? In this episode, Eric and Jason are joined by Fritz Gilbert, who blogs at The Retirement Manifesto. Our discussion goes well beyond the numbers, covering topics including finding your purpose, working “one more year”, determining your FIRE timing, and the keys to success in retirement.
    • My Next Phase of Early Retirement Won’t Include This… – Year two in early retirement was very different for Jason than year one. It’s common that the honeymoon stage of retirement is followed by disappointment and a search for meaning. In this episode, Jason and Eric discuss a recent project Jason abandoned and what stage of retirement they think he’s in. You’ll hear his approach to guarding his free time, what Eric fears most about retiring early, and more.
    • Am I Failing at Early Retirement? – Has your shrinking retirement portfolio left you considering part-time work to ease your anxiety? Inspired by a blog post from Go Curry Cracker, we discuss BaristaFIRE, time freedom, what it means to be “unemployable”, and what work we might consider post-retirement.
    • Retired Early and I Hated It : How NOT to FIRE, Part 2 (Post-FI/RE) – Imagine hitting your FI number, retiring early, and discovering you hate it? In this episode we discuss four examples of such an outcome: from quitting the perfect job and regretting it, to feelings of depression and lack of purpose. Some are unable to find motivation without financial incentives, while others realize they haven’t budgeted enough to do things they enjoy in life.
  • For more on Jason’s FI journey, check out these episodes centered on his retirement milestones to date: What I Learned in My First Year of “Early Retirement (1 year), My New Life: Two Years After Early Retirement (2 years), and Finding My Way in Early Retirement: A 30 Month Check-In (2.5 years).

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You can find information on the tools we mention in each episode along with additional information in the Resources section of this site.

4 Replies to “Financially Independent, Recreationally Employed (FIRE)”

  1. It takes AGES for my wife and I to watch your shows, because we are constantly pausing and analyzing what you say and comparing it to our own thinking and approach. You could say we’re in between the both of you in terms of FIRE goals (but in our mid-50’s). Your show is AWESOME and really enjoyable and thought-provoking. Always looking forward to the next one; thanks for all your efforts. Cool gig in itself!

  2. I am big fans of both of you! Your content is brilliant! Jason, you seem to be about ten levels smarter than me so here is a question. The SWR toolkit seems difficult for me to understand how to use. Am I correct that it appears no matter what, Karsten calculates that at 3.25% withdrawal rate, the probability is zero that you would deplete your funds? Also, is there an easy way to calculate your withdrawal rate and see what your balance would be after each year? I think you did a show on how to use the SWR toolkit. I guess I need to really pay attention to that one. Anyways, THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!!!

  3. I am 64 and retiring. You two have helped me SO MUCH. Thanks very much. I listen every day and telling a lot of people about you two.

    Today’s episode has a worrisome feel to it? Eric, please get your mojo back! Feeling like you are not feeling it?

    Seriously, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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